ADAM & EVESmooth blend of Peach, Melon, Coconut, Strawberry & Vanilla. (a/k/a B*** Naked)
AFRICAN MUSKMusk with a blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Rose.
ALOEFresh green aloe vera scent.
AMARETTO TIRAMISUBlend of the wonderful tones of Italian amaretto, expresso, cream, lady fingers, madeira, mascarpone and cocoa.
AMBER & GINGERAntique amber and fresh ginger root.
AMBER & MYRRHSweet, earthy and spicy mixture of Biblical resins. Used in perfumes and burial.
AMBER SILKSoft, sweet, earthy scent - very sensual.
AMBERILLAA sensual scent of creamy vanilla and warm amber mingle with cedarwood, oak, sandalwood, and patchouli.
ASIAN SPICEExotically sweet, woody and peppery.
BAD BOYNotes of cedar, citrus, musk, patchouli, woods and vetiver.
BAMBOO MUSKExotic blend of soft woodsy musk with light florals.
BIRD OF PARADISECalming blend of strawberries, pomegranate, vanilla, coconut milk with touch of rose and jasmine.
BLUE NILEAn exotic blend of Musk, Mandarin, Limes, Lilies, and Balsam.
BUTTERFLIES TYPEA luscious Oriental fragrance: blackberry, bilberry, black currant and strawberry, rose and jasmine, sandalwood, rosewood, almond, ebony and cherry blossoms. Hanae Mori type.
CARNATIONSFresh carnation bouquet!
CHERRY BLOSSOMSoft scent of spring wildflowers perfectly blended with succulent red cherries.
CINILLALuscious, sweet vanilla with spicy cinnamon.
COCOLIMEA luscious blend of juicy lime with creamy coconut with fresh florals.
DARK NIGHTThe sharp, pungent, spicy "hippie" herbal patchouli blended with sandalwood & amyris.
DAYDREAMOrange, lemon, lime, ginger, spices and vanilla.
DRAGON'S BLOODWarm, earthy, slightly fruity, woodsy.
EO BALSAMBalsam wood essence.
EO BAY RUMSpicy yet sweet.
EO CAJEPUTMedicinal, stimulating, purifying.
EO CALMEucalyptus, Cedar, Geranium.
EO CASSIABiblical cinnamon bark scent. (a/k/a false cinnamon)
EO CEDARThe fragrant wood famous in Solomon's temple.
EO CHARMEDLavender and jasmine, all natural scents, not synthetic.
EO CINNAMON LEAFBiblical cinnamon.
EO CITRONELLACitrusy, tart, insect-repellent! This is not a synthetic fragrance oil, it is genuine essential oil from the plants!
EO CITRUS JASMINESassy lemon, grapefruit and orange with sweet jasmine !
EO CLOVEJust like the spice! Used in the Bible for burials. (real clove oil is used, can be extremely irritating, keep out of eyes and skin !)
EO GINGERFresh, spicy exotic ginger root.
EO HOMEBlend of orange, balsam, pine, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
EO JASMINEA heavy, sweet floral that is not too overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it. Very mysterious
EO LIFEFORCEEucalyptus, Cajeput, Peppermint, Spearmint, Orange
EO MIMOSAA mild, green floral.
EO MINTERGYSpearmint, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemongrass.
EO NO BUGSEucalyptus, Cedar, Geranium, Citronella.
EO PATCHOULIThe sharp, pungent, spicy "hippie" herbal aroma. 100% essential oil, pure, undiluted, uncut..
EO VAPOR RUBCamphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus
EO- LITSEA CUBEBACitrus, fruity slightly woodsy, but sweet. a/k/a May Chang.
ETERNALFloral with deep spices and fruits, all the aromas mentioned in Song of Solomon.
FRANGIPANIA sweet, soft, tropical floral. Traditional for Hawaiian leis. (aka PLUMERIA).
FRANKINCENSESweet Biblical essence of incense.
FREESIAA green, floral rosy top note, a hint of spice with clover, cyclamen and jasmine in the middle and a warm musky base note.
FRESH GINGERNot a candle scent. Fresh ginger ground and added to the soap for exfoliation, also said to help circulation in diabetics.
GARDENIAThe strange, sweet, exotic blossom!
GEISHAAn exotic Oriental feminine fragrance of amber, musk, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, and myrrh.
GINGER ORANGEOrange, jasmine, galingal and myrrh.
GINGILLAA wonderful blend of sweet vanilla and spicy fresh ginger.
GLORYSweet ancient Frankincense, with oriental Myrrh. Also available separately or in layers..
GOJI & POMEGRANATEAsian berries and red fruit.
GRAPEFRUIT / JASMINETart citrus with exotic floral Jasmine.
GUAVAJust like the sweet tropical fruit!
HAWAIIAN PUNCHThe drink speaks for itself, fruity, sweet, powerful - a tropical classic
HERBALLayered: Vetiver (aqua), Chamomile (pale yellow), Patchouli (dark green).
HONEYExactly as it sounds!
ISLAND DREAMSGuava, plump mango and ripe coconut make up the heart.
ISLAND PUNCHLayered: Mango (peach), Pineapple (yellow), Coconut (white)
JASMINEA heavy, sweet floral that is not too overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it. Very mysterious
LEMONGRASSCool lemon citrus with herbal notes.
LEMONGRASS SAGETwo pungent, aromatic herbals together in one!
LOVEMyrrh, sandalwood and cassia.
LUVSPELLJuicy citrus notes atop a fruity floral heart. Victoria's Secret type.
MAGNOLIALike the flower!
MALIBULayered: Cranberry (red), Coconut (white), Pineapple (yellow)-like Malibu Baybreeze
MANGAYASweet mango and papaya, tropical with a hint of citrus.
MAYAN GOLDA mix of exotic woods, fruits and spices including patchouli, sandalwood, sage, mandarin orange and grapefruit with vanilla, chocolate and musk.
MAYAN MUSKMusk with citrus, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and a hint of vanilla.
MONKEY TOOTSNice blend of pineapple, banana, grapefruit, orange, green apple, and coconut. (aka Monkey Farts)
MOONLITE PATHA light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a hint of flowers. BBW type.
MYRRHThe sweet ancient oriental exotic resin tapped from splits in the bark of an Arabian tree. used in making perfumes and burials.
ODESSARoses & Magnolia, 2 Favorite flowers together in one!
ORIENT **Masculine blend of frankincense, myrrh, musk and spices, with hints of exotic florals.
PINA COLADAFor candles, can be made in layers: Pineapple (yellow) & Coconut (white) or just the two mixed in one color.
PINEAPPLEJust like the fresh fruit!
PLEASURES TYPE (W)White lily, rose, violet, lilac with a touch of sandalwood.
POMEGRANATEPomegranate, fresh and sweet.
ROMANCE TYPEA divine blend of Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla. Victoria's Secret type.
ROSESA bouquet of fresh picked roses.
RUSH GUCCI TYPE (W)A blend of gardenia, coriander, jasmine, rose, and vanilla.
STORM WATCHA soft outdoor, fresh woody bouquet with tops notes of ozone, fresh leafy greens, lemon and apple combined with bright cedar, jasmine, lavender, violet and lilac highlighted with a soft musk. Yankee type
SWEET SANDALWOODFresh sensual, warm sandalwood with a touch of white musk & vanilla.
TOUCHÉJasmine & Vanilla
TRANQUIL BREEZEPut yourself in a relaxed state with this sophisticated blend of wisteria, muguet and tangerine.
TROPICAL FRUITLayered: Guava (pink), Coconut (white), Mango (orange), Pineapple (yellow).
TUBEROSEA beautiful floral aroma with it's rich floral notes highlighted by delectable fruits, exotic woods and green notes.
VERY SEXY TYPE (M)Limewood, cinnamon bark, sage, vetiver and orange flower.
VETIVEREarthy, slightly sweet, woodsy, smoky with a hint of mint.
VOODOORich seductive scent of patchouli, cedarwood and exotic spices.
WHITE LILY AMBERWhite florals with earthy sweet amber.

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