AFRICAN MUSKMusk with a blend of Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Rose.
ALOEFresh green aloe vera scent.
ASIAN SPICEExotically sweet, woody and peppery.
BAD BOYNotes of cedar, citrus, musk, patchouli, woods and vetiver.
BLUE NILEAn exotic blend of Musk, Mandarin, Limes, Lilies, and Balsam.
BULGARI BLACK TYPELike the designer cologne/perfume.
BULGARI TYPELike the designer cologne/perfume.
CAMPFIRESmells like a piney wood fire, you can almost hear the wood crackling.
COOL WATER TYPE (M)Citrus, pineapple, woodsy notes with ocean breezes.
CUCUMBER GREEN TEACucumbers with green tea.
DARK NIGHTThe sharp, pungent, spicy "hippie" herbal patchouli blended with sandalwood & amyris.
DEEP MUSKDeep yet balanced musk, nice for men or women.
DRAGON'S BLOODWarm, earthy, slightly fruity, woodsy.
DRIFTWOODWoody, earthy, sensual.
EGYPTIAN MUSKSoft blend of light musk, florals, herbs including Ylang-Ylang and Muguet, and a balance of woods and light spices.
EO BALSAMBalsam wood essence.
EO BAY RUMSpicy yet sweet.
EO CALMEucalyptus, Cedar, Geranium.
EO CEDARThe fragrant wood famous in Solomon's temple.
EO PATCHOULIThe sharp, pungent, spicy "hippie" herbal aroma. 100% essential oil, pure, undiluted, uncut..
EO SUNSHINECool citrus with fragrant basil !
FRANKINCENSESweet Biblical essence of incense.
GLORYSweet ancient Frankincense, with oriental Myrrh. Also available separately or in layers..
HOLLY & IVYA fresh green fragrance blended with ivy, red berries, and a touch holiday sugar and spice.
JEAN PAUL TYPE (M)Right-on imitation of the original men's perfume!
JOOP TYPEBergamot, cinnamon and woodsy floral base-popular men's cologne duplicate.
KILO TYPEManly, sensual, has notes of lavender, basil, woods and vanilla. Axe dupe.
MAYAN GOLDA mix of exotic woods, fruits and spices including patchouli, sandalwood, sage, mandarin orange and grapefruit with vanilla, chocolate and musk.
MAYAN MUSKMusk with citrus, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and a hint of vanilla.
MEXICAN MOCHACocoa, vanilla, coffee & cinnamon.
MOJITOLike the Cuban drink. Spearmint & lime EO'S, with a touch of sugar and rum.
MOONLITE PATHA light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a hint of flowers. BBW type.
MYRRHThe sweet ancient oriental exotic resin tapped from splits in the bark of an Arabian tree. used in making perfumes and burials.
NAG CHAMPAA sensual, mystical, masculine fragrance of the Champa Flower, wood notes: Cedar and Sandalwood, with Indian Spices.
OCEANSmell the ocean, with salt and all.
ORIENT **Masculine blend of frankincense, myrrh, musk and spices, with hints of exotic florals.
RESCUE ME! **Botanicals chamomile and vetiver. Very relaxing!
VANILLA OAKVanilla and oakmoss
VERY SEXY TYPE (M)Limewood, cinnamon bark, sage, vetiver and orange flower.
VETIVEREarthy, slightly sweet, woodsy, smoky with a hint of mint.

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